Essential minerals for patients with diabetes

The people who suffer diabetes they need a specific supply of vitamins and minerals. In them the need to reduce the free radicals that are produced by the high concentration of glucose in the blood is of utmost importance.


Therefore, it is important to clarify that patients with diabetes should avoid the use of multivitamins more common.

Due to this multivitamin need develops Diabion , created specifically to meet the needs of patients with diabetes.

There are medications that provide the right amounts of vitamins and minerals for people with diabetes. Such is the case of Diabion, which thanks to its balance of essential substances fights the deficiency of vitamins and minerals that these patients suffer.

Provides minerals such as:

Chromium, which helps improve the absorption of insulin by the cells.

Selenium, which increases the elasticity of the tissues, improving the appearance and healing of the skin, as well as being a powerful antioxidant.

Magnesium, which helps purify the blood and regulate the pH.

These three minerals are essential in the life of a person with diabetes.

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