Eric Abidal will be operated on for a tumor in the liver

The French left side of the FC Barcelona , Eric Abidal You will undergo a delicate surgery to try to remove a tumor formed in the liver.


The board directive azulgrana He informed that the French player, will be operated on March 16, 2011. Doctors trust that the disease can be resolved through the surgical treatment . Fortunately, both the club and his own Abidal They acted quickly by expressing their desire to be operated as soon as possible.


The Barcelona stated that will in the official note Yesterday, it issued as quickly as possible to avoid any kind of speculation.

Barcelona has proposed to fans who want to send a message of support to Abidal that they do it through the twitter social network and that they use the motive #animsabidal . According to what you publish The country, among some of the first to use this route are the club president Sandro Rosell , and the former player of Barcelona and Real Madrid, Ronaldo Nazario .


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