Erect back improves your attitude

According to the director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga (IMY) , Ana Paula Domínguez having an upright back improves our attitude, since many people who are sad or have constant periods of depression , usually have a stooped posture and regularly present pain in the lumbar vertebrae and in joints .

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Dominguez recommends 3 exercises to overcome the muscular ailments that cause tension, pain or stress .

1. Be aware of your breathing . When you inhale, inflate your stomach and exhale all the air, until you feel your ribs. Do it 5 times, at least a day.

2. Improve your posture . Place the shoulders, just above the hip and perform certain simple postures to lengthen your spine and generate more space between the vertebrae.

3. Heal your joints . To achieve this you need to do flexibility exercises, such as stretching your spine, touching your feet and relaxing all the muscles in your neck and arms.

For the expert in yoga , the physical posture we have reflects our emotional state. For example, a person who is with arms and legs crossed, while talking to someone, reflects that he is not open to listening to others.

"When we have a proper posture and the spine erect, we can find spaces of silence and relaxation, to be able to face anything before life."

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