Epilepsy protagonist in the Purple Day

In order to raise awareness about this brain disease, which affects, in Mexico alone, 2 million people, this March 26 is celebrated, for the fourth consecutive year, the World Epilepsy Day .

At a press conference, the neurologist Lilia Núñez , founder of Group Acceptance of Epilepsy (GADEP), said: "Mexico joins this initiative; we want all people with epilepsy have better opportunities in their schools, jobs and social environment, since they suffer from a lot of discrimination and should know that the epilepsy It is not contagious. "

For this reason, Núñez clarifies, the Purple Day that emerged in 2008 as an initiative of a Canadian girl of 9 years, called Cassidy Megan , who called to raise awareness about the disease. Since then, March 26 was instituted as World Epilepsy Day:

"The color purple was chosen, because it is the tone of the lavender flower, which is associated with loneliness, which represents the feelings of isolation that people with epilepsy experience. " Here we present a video of Guatemala, about the Purple Day:

This Saturday an information symposium will be held in Sheraton Hotel from the city of Mexico, headed by doctor Núñez, located in Paseo de la Reforma and is aimed at people who live with epilepsy , your relatives, as well as information professionals. Admission is free and starts at 10:00.

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