Envy break affection between brothers

What are left over are the arguments that explain the distance or absence of communication between brothers. From small can present differences by excess or lack of affected by parents, for jealousy or because of the place they occupy within the family; but if these problems are not solved properly, it will bring as a consequence that when a person grows, they move away from one or the rest of the brothers.

The main reasons range from the apparent incompatibility in the way of seeing life and behaving towards it from one another, to very concrete causes such as inheritance and economic issues, attention to sick parents or siblings, envy or lack of solidarity.

The internalization that each brother makes of the roles assigned to him from childhood in the home, those expressions that qualify us as "responsible", "intelligent", "shy", "affectionate", "studious", " sympathetic ") can harm the relationship between brothers.

In addition, the difference treatment that they have on the part of the parents or the rest of the siblings, can make it look like a rival , generatingenvy Y resentments which have repercussion in the adult phase .

In adolescence, when children become independent from home, the lack of a communication fluid and open with the brothers can generate lack of confidence, which will lead to a distancing that will worsen with the passage of time.

To solve problems between siblings it is important:

  1. Reflect on how your feelings with respect to your brothers. Take responsibility for your attitude and behaviors.
  2. Be positive Forgive and forget your own mistakes and those of others. Build a new relationship based on trust and the love.
  3. Do not run away from any problem of the past, however traumatic, if it negatively affects your relationship.
  4. It promotes closeness, reserving specific time for personal encounter. Talk about how you lived childhood Y adolescence , of the beautiful days shared, of the annoyances that could be solved and of the discomforts that remained to us. Review the past, to face the future without resentments .
  5. Define what type of relationship you want. Be honest, specify what you can not stand for him or her, and ask him to do the same about what bothers you.
  6. Recognize that you need to establish a solid relationship, with a provision sincere to help each other in this new stage.
  7. Internalize that a good fraternal relationship reinforces you before yourself and others, fills you with wellness , especially if you had previously suffered tensions and dislikes of a difficult relationship.

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