Environmental factors have more impact on autism than genetics

Contrary to what was thought, 2 studies suggest that autism has a greater influence than environmental factors , what genetics.


The first research specifies that a team from Stanford University conducted, was to compare cases in identical twins and twins. He found that in fraternal twins - who share only half of the same genes - there is a high incidence, suggesting that others factors that the genetic they can cause this state.


In another study, researchers from the health insurer Kaiser Permanente, with coverage in the United States, identified that mothers of children with autism ingested a antidepressant common during the year before her pregnancy, compared to the mothers of healthy children.


The risk was even higher - with a three-fold increase - when the medication was taken in the first trimester of pregnancy.


This information, published on the website cnn.com.mx, indicates that the results suggest that something in the birth environment -drugs, substances or infections- can trigger autism in children who are genetically predisposed to develop the disease.


Autism is a developmental disorder, permanent and profound. It affects communication, imagination, planning and emotional reciprocity.


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