Enrich children's foods


The stomach of an infant of 8 months, can contain approximately 200 ml of food. The consistency or thickness of the foods involve a difference in relation to the adequacy of the foods so that they reach the energetic requirements of the boy or girl; Thick-consistency foods help fill the energy gap.



- For a porridge: prepare a thick mixture.


- For soups or stews: separate the solid parts of the liquid (beans, vegetables, meat, etc.) and crush them until they turn into thick puree to feed the baby. This will help to not only feed with the liquid part or the broth.


- Add to the porridge, soups, stews and nutrient-rich foods.


- Sometimes it is recommended to replace part of the water used, for milk or cream, add a teaspoon of milk powder after the soup has been cooked, contemplate a mixture of legumes and a little flour to add it to the basic food of the soup .


(Source: "Counseling for Infant and Young Child Feeding: Integrated Course", World Health Organization, 2009)

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