Enough with just one minute!

What do you do before eating? By practicing a bit of physical activity before each meal you not only take advantage of the benefits of exercise , but you help control your levels of sugar in the blood.

According to a study of the University of Otago, in New Zealand, Do a little intense exercise before meals reduce the levels of sugar in the blood .


Enough with just one minute!

In the study published in the journal Diabetology , people who do a minute of intense exercise, 30 minutes before their three daily meals, register a reduction of up to 12% in their levels of sugar in the blood after food intake, compared to those who practice exercise moderate once a day.

Jim Cotter, author of the study, details that the exercise intense, especially before breakfast and dinner, is a good ally to control the glucose in the blood throughout the day, since it breaks with the sedentary lifestyle of the person. Among the exercises you can do are:


  1. Climbing stairs
  2. team sports
  3. Trekking
  4. Intervals of cycling on stationary bicycle
  5. Circuit training

Take advantage of the benefits of the exercise to reduce the levels of glucose in the blood is very important, since keeping them high is a risk factor for the development of diabetes mellitus.

Remember that you must carry a good feeding free of saturated fats, good hydration and the practice of an exercise that does not complicate your life and is easy to do half an hour before each meal. And you, do you exercise before eating?

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