Enjoy without losing your figure

When the weekend approaches the consumption of alcoholic drinks can increase, however, how to ingest the latter in a responsible manner and without affect your weight?

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, María de los Ángeles Carpinteiro Franco, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Biologist , indicates that alcoholic beverages for their energetic content if they increase the weight of those who drink them, and it increases when combined with soft drinks, syrups, juices and nectars.


Enjoy without losing your figure

Regardless of the time in which they are consumed, their energy value no it varies. Therefore the expert Carpintero offers you the following tips to drink alcoholic beverages without gaining weight.

1. Know the type of alcoholic beverages. They are divided into two groups: fermented and distilled.

2. What does each type of drink. Not only do you have to keep in mind your energetic content which varies depending on the type, quantity and quality of the alcoholic beverage, which is in a range of 90 kcal. from a jigger (44 ml.) of dry sherry, up to 180 kcal. of a jigger (44 ml.) of dried anise.

3. Verify the alcohol content in the labels. In addition to their energy level, they contain a degree or volume of alcohol, which can harm health. For fermented alcoholic beverages (wines, reds, whites, pulque and liqueurs), its alcoholic grade can go from 5 to 18 degrees approximately, and distilled beverages where by its process the degree or volume of alcohol, It can reach up to 40 degrees in volume, which by legislation is indicated on the labels.

4. Mixture. Combining drinks with soft drinks, syrups, juices or nectars increases your energetic content in kcal.

5. Although the properties and benefits that specifically provide the Red wine (one glass per day), it is also important to know and know that apart from its energy content 128 kcal, its volume or alcoholic strength 18.3 can damage the health of many people, without forgetting the addiction that often causes.

According to the World Health Organization, Mexico has the highest consumption in alcoholic drinks . However, this is the fourth cause of disability due to injury and violent acts, therefore you must have awareness and precautions with your intake.

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