Enjoy the aroma

Well they say that the mind is very powerful and obeys all our thoughts. We can also program it to lose weight. Trick your mind to not overeat!

Ingrid Macher , expert in holistic nutrition, published in his book "From chubby to mommy" how to program the brain to not overdo food. Eating more does not give us any benefit.

These are the tips that the expert on the subject gives us:


Enjoy the aroma

It has been proven to smell; apple, vanilla, mint and banana, can benefit the weightloss . A good option is to enjoy a couple of incenses or candles so that your nose identifies it.


Feel satisfied with the fat

Some are good fats and not others. Those recommended to be ingested are unsaturated ones, such as nuts, avocados, olive oil and nuts or almonds. They send signals to your brain that you are already satisfied.


Hunger or thirst

It is important not to confuse this need; Many times, we think that we are hungry when in reality, we are dehydrated.


Create an illusion that you are eating more

This you can achieve by eating in smaller plates; in this way, also you will reduce your portions .


Consume vitamin D

Its absence reduces the secretion of leptin, the hormone that notifies the brain that fat cells are full.

All these tricks for trick your mind to not overeat , they are very effective, you will notice how you reduce size and weight in some days, do not hesitate and apply them!


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