Enjoy it as a dessert!

Do you notice those transparent balls that are in drinks and desserts? It's about the tapioca , a starch that is extracted from the yucca, a tuber that improves your satiety and reduces your appetite.

However, why should you consume tapioca ? In the next video, Deya Cano, editorial director of GetQoralHealth.co m, it explains the reasons for you to eat this food more.


Enjoy it as a dessert!

A study published in the Community Research and Development Information Service details that the tapioca prevents the development of cancer, by inhibiting the growth of malignant cells.

In addition, it is an excellent food that provides the necessary energy to people who exercise and for children to perform better in school.

To include it little by little in your diet, Kiwilimón shares the following recipe.


Tapioca dessert

This recipe is 402 calories, so eat it in moderation

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