Endometriosis triggers ovarian cancer

A recent publication of the magazine The Lancet Oncology found that women with a history of endometriosis have a higher risk of developing three types of ovarian cancer .

The endometriosis is a disorder in which cells that cover the uterus They grow in other areas of the body. This condition affects 10% of women of childbearing age.

In the next video the Dr. Antonio González talk about the endometriosis and its treatment:

The specialists studied more than 23,000 women and found that those with a history of endometriosis they experienced an increase of more than three times the risk of suffering Cancer of the cells clear ovary , double the risk of endometrioid tumors, and also double the risk of low-grade serous ovarian cancers.

With this research you can identify women who are at higher risk of suffering ovarian cancer, and provide a basis for more vigilance of Cancer in the population. Also with these data can improve methods of prevention and early detection.

Experts recommend visiting the gynecologist once a year, to rule out and prevent any abnormalities in your body. It is better prevent! A diagnosis in time can save your life.

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