Endometriosis affects 200 million women in the world

In Mexico, this disease deteriorates the lives of more than 3.5 million women; Despite the great medical and technological advances, it is considered as one of the diseases that most affect the female gender in its reproductive life .

About, Victor Ruiz-Velasco , surgeon of the Mexican Council of Gynecology and Obstetrics , said that this condition represents an intense wear for women, due to the presence of important symptoms such as chronic pelvic pain that makes the realization of a normal life impossible; long-term sterility, frequent consultations and hospital admissions with a high economic and social cost:

"The endometriosis is an evolutive and invasive condition, in which the development and proliferation of cells is lost, that is, has a behavior similar to that of neoplasms . However, it is considered a benign disease, but of a controversial and enigmatic nature ".

Here's a video of guiainfantil.com , where it is explained what is and what are the characteristics of this disease:

The appearance and development of endometriosis In the pelvis follows a pattern related simply to the law of gravity, and to the anatomical situation of the different organs.

Initially sites with injuries are the ovaries in 79.6%; however, when the process is extended, it invades the rest of the tissues inside the pelvic cavity, including non-genital organs such as rectum, appendix and bladder:

"In addition, there are more advanced cases in which the spread of the disease is not only by contiguity, but by blood and lymphatic pathways, and you can find nodules further away as intestine, diaphragm, pleura, lung, lymph nodes and kidney" , said doctor Ruiz-Velasco.

Video Medicine: Hysterectomy at 23: My Endometriosis Story (December 2022).