Emotions that

How to be more attractive? One of the keys is to maintain a positive attitude , because in this way you will reflect happiness throughout your body, but, did you know that there are emotions that illuminate your face and make you more attractive?

For the Facial Communication , the brightness is closely linked to one of the great pillars of the triad that makes up every human being: the spirit or better known as the "SHEN".

The shen has many ways of reading. One of them is the luminosity seen in the face of a person. It is as if a light radiates from within.

That is why when we understand the shen, we know that the way to make it materialize and to make it present is to nourish it in many ways. So here is a list of 10 things that will help you to brighten your face from the inside out:

Laugh and laugh a lot

Have you noticed how laughter illuminates even the grayest days? What do you think happens to your face? The oxygenation that we generate makes us inject natural nutrients that really will be materialized.

Work on something that awakens your passion

Passion is one of the most important foods for the shen. Ask yourself what passion awakens you and your face will light up.

Live with positive people

Positive people, contagious and help you see life in another way. You will see how your spirit will want to be present!

Sleep well

They have done research about the benefits of good sleep. One of them included photographs and the impact it has on beauty is impressive.


Meditation helps oxygenation reduce the levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. You will see the difference if you include it in your habits!

Compassion for oneself

The biggest conflicts we usually have are with ourselves. To stop being so hard and to be more compassionate will help a lot so that your face softens and the luminosity springs up.

Practice forgiveness

How hard it sounds! I know! But telling you the story will help make it easier to do so. When we understand that we are all here to fulfill a mission with others, we stop delegating blame and calling teachers. There are more demanding teachers and "bad wave" and others who are very loving. Give yourself permission to thank those teachers and thus forgive and forgive YOU.

Cultivate your patience

Patience is related to faith and trust. When you nurture trust, you begin to have patience in the times.

If you have a stable partner, having sex helps

Sexual relations generate many chemical substances that besides being antistressing, help to feel us and consequently to see us better. Working on having a good sexual relationship with the couple is a great challenge that can bring many benefits in many ways.

Feed your wishes with hobbies that make you very happy

I have been in a program for a few weeks that has helped me to understand the importance of longing because in fact they do it to you. Feed them, although sometimes we have to first realize what they are.

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