Emotional intelligence vs. violence

The post-traumatic stress disorder appears when the person has suffered, or has witnessed a aggression physical or a threat for life, from which derives an intense emotional response from fear , horror and helplessness .

The natural reaction to fear includes: acceleration of heart rate , perspiration , muscle tension Y anxiety . However, the stimuli that generate that feeling of threat they are not so evident, they are more constant, permanent, threatening our emotional stability, because all the time we are in a situation of vulnerability .

When this sensation affects our quality of life , the way in which we relate, above all, the perspective we have of the world and our future; we started to be prey to the violence indirectly and we must act to prevent this from being transferred to those we love.

Although we can not directly attack the violence , we must work in the emotional intelligence and in the control of emotions , but above all, in the formation of values in us and in ours.

The emotional intelligence is the essential ability of people to attend and perceive the feelings adequately and accurately, the ability to assimilate and understand them adequately, as well as the skill to regulate and modify our state of cheer up or that of others.

Therefore, before any indicator of posttraumatic stress , you should seek professional help. The future is uncertain, but it is up to us to act in favor of future generations.

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