Eliminate your tobacco addiction

Do you want to leave the cigar, but something prevents you? Ending a vice is a very difficult experience that a person experiences; However, with a good attitude and disposition can be achieved, says the driver Amanda Rosa, who gives you some tips to quit smoking.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Amanda Rosa ensures that by quitting smoking you change completely, because your hair smells better, your skin looks smoother, your breath improves and your mood is more optimistic.

Then, the driver gives you advice to stop smoking, end a vice and reinvent yourself, despite the difficulty to do so:

On the other hand, Ricardo Ponce, the imparter of knowledge to oneself, he assures that to end an addiction one must understand what is happening, that is, that you realize the reasons that make you smoke so that you can let go.


Eliminate your tobacco addiction

In addition to Amanda Rosa's smoking cessation tips, the portal Stopsmoking. Ucsf.edu has a plan designed by researchers from the University of California, San Francisco and San Francisco General Hospital , for you to overcome tobacco addiction on your own.

Through this program, people are given information to help them reduce their smoking habit, as well as the tools to eliminate it completely.


Other therapies

If you are not prepared to leave it for you alone, there are other therapies that help you eliminate your tobacco addiction, explains the Dr. Lilia Isabel Ramírez García, in charge of the Help Clinic to Quit Smoking, of FESI.

Ramírez García says that tobacco addiction can be eliminated with pharmacological therapy (anxiolytics), cognitive-behavioral therapy (10 sessions) and nicotinic replacement (chewing gum, patches, pipes).

No matter what method you choose, the important thing, as Amanda Rosa says, is that you are completely sure of your decision so that you can successfully complete it. And you, do you have other tips to stop smoking?

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