Eliminate them and improve your health!

Are you in your house and out of nowhere you sneeze, your nose gets congested or you start to feel itching? Maybe your house is full of dust mites and it's time to eliminate them to reduce these discomforts.

According to the DIllinois Department of Public Health , the mites live in upholstered furniture, cushions, pillows, mattresses and carpets. They feed on the dead skin or dandruff of humans.


Eliminate them and improve your health!

However, do not be scared, there are effective ways to eliminate them to prevent allergies in your health or that of your loved ones. You just need to follow these steps recommended by the Dallas Allergy Immunology.

Ventilate your house

Open every day the windows of your home, especially in the bedrooms, to circulate the air and maintain a stable temperature.

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