Eliminate extra kilos with these recommendations

Which is better, dieting or exercising? ¿ Or both..? The answer is: Food and training. Why? If you do only diet, when you finish it, if you do not have an exercise routine, you will go back up. That's why we share these tips to eliminate body fat in a simple way.

The exercise is what allows you to eat what you want the Weekend , without you being with the constant fear of losing the lost weight again.

On the other hand, doing only exercise, Without eating properly, it would take too long to achieve your goal. Imagine, you would have to do more than 2 hours a day of intense exercise! So that by eating the same, you can get down sizes or kilos of fat.

This week, I give you some nutrition tips to start making changes in you, and remember that the ideal is to consult a nutrition and training specialist. Since to reduce body fat, you must spend more kilocalories than you eat.

1. Beware of the quantity!  

You can start by reducing the portions of what you eat and avoiding eating fried, battered or breaded foods.
2. Take care of your fat intake

More still of carbohydrates with high glycemic indexes! These are available in any store, little machine or at the traffic light. The bad thing about these carbos is that they are fast inducers of insulin (anabolic hormone that promotes the accumulation of body fat). In this group are: white flours, refined sugars, soft drinks, bottled juices and sugary drinks, rice, non-whole grains, processed sweet foods and some fruits such as banana, mango or mamey.

3. Eat lots of vegetables

Consume them all day, all you want, it does not matter that they are just carrots! Just remember that papa and avocado are not vegetables.

4. Add fruits to your diet

From 2 to 3 pieces or cups of fruit a day is fine, preferably before 5:00 PM Same with whole grains, tortillas and pasta.
5. Choose fats better

It prefers monounsaturated oils such as olive oil and avocado. And polyunsaturated, which are vegetable oils (soy, canola, sunflower or sesame). I recommend that you prefer canola oil for cooking, for being rich in omega 3 and having a higher saturation temperature.
6. Eat protein!

It prefers lean meats (breast or steaks), and preferably fish such as: salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, trout and tuna; to help you maintain an optimal state of health and to increase - in conjunction with a good strength training program - muscle mass.

Do not miss next week more tips to eliminate body fat.

Video Medicine: Lose those last few kilos! 10 tips to get over a weightloss plateau // Rachel Aust (December 2023).