Electrosensitivity and its effects in humans

The electrosensitivity or wifi allergy , an invisible disease that affects one in every thousand people; "... will soon become one of the great evils of the information society," the Spanish newspaper said today. ABC, due to the proliferation ofnew technologies . For its part, information published byExcelsior it is pointed out that the European Council already warned about the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves

The World Health Organization (WHO) does not yet make the condition official, due to the absence of studies and data on the level of incidence and the effects on Health . The only thing that is known is that the electrosensitivity is generated by continuous exposure to electromagnetic fields .

Among the symptoms are the loss of memory short term, vomiting , Headaches , dizziness and irritation , insomnia , fatigue and muscular rigidity, which intensify when the affected person stays close to electronic devices.

The ABC noted that, a few months ago, Minerva Palomar Electrosensitive for 15 years, got a judge to grant permanent work disability for this problem.


The main affected

The also called Microwave Syndrome impacts people with a immune system weakened or in the development phase, such as older adults and children, respectively.

Individuals who suffer from it have a bad quality of life for the deep emotional changes that they live.

Did you ever feel bad about being near an electronic device?

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