Effects on the skin

The moderate consumption of alcohol can provide many benefits to cardiovascular health or to the development of diseases such as Cancer , explain the researchers of the Mayo Clinic . On the contrary, its abuse can be very harmful, especially for the effects that, including the hangover, it has on your skin .

According to the specialists of the American Academy of Dermatology , the first sign of the effects of hangover for consumption of alcohol It is dehydration. While the first effect of alcohol abuse in the body, is that dehydrated skin ages faster and promotes the appearance of wrinkles and spots .


Effects on the skin

The greatest effect of consumption of alcohol , along with caffeinated beverages such as coffee and soft drinks, is that it dehydrates and depletes the nutrients required by the skin to look healthy, but it can also cause:

1. Lines of expression. Repercuses on vitamin A, favoring the loss of flexibility of the skin , the appearance of wrinkles , fine lines and dead skin.

2. Dehydration . The alcohol distilled, such as whiskey, tequila, rum, vodka, etc., worsens the dehydration of the skin , because it has an effect on the antidiuretic hormone responsible for urination and hydration.

3. Smile. The lack of vitamin A also affects our smile, since it is essential for the maintenance of the teeth, the skin and the soft and bony tissues.

4. Cellulite and varicose veins They are also linked to the consumption of alcohol because it contributes to fluid retention. In addition, it causes the blood vessels to dilate permanently, causing the so-called spider veins and red veins to arise.

5. Acne . It produces an imbalance in the level of sugar that can increase the appearance of acne . It dilates the blood vessels and causes the liver to work twice as much to release toxins, which can cause acne or make it considerably worse.

The consumption of alcohol It can aggravate the outbreaks of rosacea and psoriasis, in addition to weakening the hair, causing it to fall. Therefore, dermatologists recommend reducing your intake to avoid these and other effects of the hangover on your health and appearance.

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