Eat healthily!

Seven out of every 10 Mexicans are overweight in Mexico; situation that causes heart disease and diabetes. However, by adopting healthy habits, such as eating healthy foods five times a day and practicing exercise, up to 47,000 deaths would be avoided.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) , Mexico has the second highest rate of overweight and obesity , behind the United States, but how can this health problem be reversed?


Eat healthily!

Good nutrition is the key to avoiding overweight . Even, specialists of Mayo Clinic They detail that well-planned weight loss diets include snacks to control hunger and reduce binge eating, but what are the nutritious snacks to burn fat? Know them in the following video of Tips to lose weight .

Healthy snacks help you control your appetite and prevent you from falling into the temptation of high-fat foods or sugars before your next meal. Mayo Clinic specialists say the key is to maintain moderation and balance in the mind.


Choose the right ones!

In addition to the examples that Deyanira Cano has given you in the video, try to eat snacks that have less than 100 calories. Plan and prepare your sandwiches before the whim invades you.

In case you attend meetings it is necessary that you eat a snack before the health of your home. In this way, you will avoid weight gain and, at the party, you will only eat healthy foods.

If you do not want to be part of the statistics, the OECD recommends having a balanced diet and practicing a physical activity. This will not only serve to have a healthy weight, but to increase the Life expectancy of each Mexican.

Video Medicine: Eat Healthy for Under $20 (May 2022).