Eat better!

The hustle and bustle of everyday life sometimes leads us to think of the food as a mere procedure that we must carry out to carry out our daily activities. We invite you to follow the following tips that will help you think before you eat .


Eat better!

Change hands: If you're right, a good way to start putting more Attention in what you eat, is to change the hand cutlery. Try to take the spoon or the fork with the left hand, this will make you have to fix more on what you are eating and do not do it only as an automatic movement.

Drop the cutlery in each bite: Drop the cutlery between each bite , gives you the opportunity to chew food correctly, savor it and only eat the next bite when your mouth has been empty. Doing this will help you eat more slowly and easier to identify the signs of satiety .

Only eat: It is very important to designate not only a space for food , but also an exclusive time. Do other tasks while we eat, it removes the attention to what we are consuming, this can encourage the consume more calories of those that are needed.

Pistache effect: Work to obtain the food It is a good strategy to eat slowly and notice the amount of food consumed from the husks or debris that you leave on the plate. This happens for example with pistachios or peanuts in shell, since the fact of having to peel each one of them, forces us to stop, work for the food , consume it and go through the whole process again.

Evidence on the plate: Another way to be aware of what we eat is to leave on the plate the waste of some foods . The bones of the chicken wings or the ribs, the shells of the shrimps or other crustaceans, the shells of the clams, among others, serve as evidence of what has been consumed, which makes us more aware of the quantity that we eat.

A fruit before eating: Eat an apple, a pear or any other fruit rich in fiber It helps you to eat less in the main meal, since you will feel satisfied faster.

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