Early baldness could cause prostate cancer

Men who stay bald to the 20 years are more likely to develop prostate cancer in adulthood, so it is suggested to perform early detection tests or preventive therapy, according to new studies published in the newspaper Annals of Oncology.

French researchers compared 388 men treated for prostate cancer with 281 healthy men, and found that those with the condition were twice as likely to  to have lost hair at 20 years of age, compared to healthy men.

If men started losing their hair at 30 or 40, there was no difference in the risk of developing prostate cancer compared to the healthy group.

Researchers believe that many benefits are not obtained by screening the entire population, but that the groups at greatest risk should be identified. In this case, baldness in 20-year-olds could be an indicator.

Men identified as having higher risk of prostate cancer could be selected for screening test early or for chemo-prevention therapy using antiandrogen drugs, noted Philippe Giraud from the Descartes University, Paris, and project leader.

"More research is needed, both at the molecular level and in groups of larger men, to find the missing piece between androgens, early baldness Y prostate cancer "Indicates Michael Yassa, part of the research team.

Source: Reuters

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