We are one step away from Christmas dinners, family reunions, work and a series of end-of-year events that can compromise your weight and health status, but do not worry! , Martha Kufer Horwitz, expert in Clinic of Obesity and Eating Disorders He explains that it is not necessary to be an expert in arithmetic operations to have healthy meals, but to learn to apply the concept of energy density of food to daily life. Check the selection of tips GetQoralHealth and enjoy your events without losing the line.

1.- If you want to eat more meat, choose those with lower fat content, for example 60 gr. of grilled hamburger meat equals 90 gr. of grilled steak
2.- Avoid fried foods.
3.- It prefers the fried beans to the refried ones.
4.- Start your healthy meals with broth and not creamy soups, it can be a consommé, vegetable soup, including pasta soup, since dry soups like noodles are fried in butter, which adds more lipids and salt to your diet.
5.- Replace the cream with natural yogurt free of sugar; It is a healthy and delicious option.
7.- Eat whole grains like tortilla and more legumes such as beans and lentils.


1.- If you like the soda for the soda sensation, you can use ¼ of a glass of juice of your favorite fruit and the rest filled with mineral water, you will have a refreshing drink and with less than half of sugars than a soft drink.
2.- A glass of skim milk equals about half a glass of half-fat milk and a third of whole milk , choose skim.
3¬.- If you drink fruit water that is ripe fruit like melon, watermelon, papaya and pineapple that are very sweet by themselves and you will avoid adding sugar.


If you choose to eat salad that is without dressing, a good option to replace it and add flavor is lemon.


1.- Eat a dessert that is mostly fruity, like fruit skewers.
2.- To replace the ice cream you can freeze your favorite fruits like grapes, mango, blackberry, pineapple or banana.

Remember that the energy density of food refers to the amount of energy that food provides according to its weight, and this depends on the composition of each of them; that is, the amount of fiber, water and lipids they contain.

Choose wisely and Enjoy your meals in a healthy way!

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