Drink tea

Something that is very annoying for us women is the 'pancita' that no matter how much we look for how to eliminate it, we do not see results, for that, we show you some tricks to burn abdominal fat .

According to studies published by Department of Psychology, Yale University ty, the stress It may be the reason why you can not eliminate abdominal fat. When we get stressed we release cortisol and this substance causes us to gain weight.

In addition to reducing stress we recommend the following to eliminate abdominal fat:


Drink tea

Tea is an excellent option to lose weight, is diuretic and low in calories, is capable of eliminate accumulated fat .



It is essential to lose weight in any area of ​​the body. If you practice at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (walking, running, cycling, swimming) every day, you will eliminate saturated fat from your abdomen.


No sugar

The sugar stays accumulated in the abdomen and it is complicated to eliminate it, if you avoid consuming it for a week, you will notice your belly flatter.


Avoid salt

Salt favors the fluid retention , and although regularly present in extremities, also the area of ​​the abdomen the recent.

These are simple tricks to burn abdominal fat in a week, the results are very effective, do not think about it anymore!


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