Does the office make you sick?

For years it has been believed that the office work it is one of the least risky compared to other work areas such as construction or the field; However, this space can cause damage to health.

According to the marketing director of the real estate firm Grupo Xtra, Liliana Silva, only three of every 10 companies in Mexico meet the ideal conditions to work.


Does the office make you sick?

Figures of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS ) a sick building decreases between 50 and 60% the productivity of the worker Only excessive noise lowers performance by 33%, according to Grupo Xtra estimates.

Although, what are the side effects of working in an office. Here we offer five of them.

1. Can not you get off the chair? The most serious thing is not the lack of physical activity, but the excessive time you spend sitting. According to a study by the American Cancer Society , being more than six hours a day in a chair increases the risk of mortality.

2. It generates depression. A study conducted by the expert Marianna Virtanen, from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health , the long day can eliminate the positive effects of a high income. Many of the employees who work around eleven hours a day in positions with incomes that place them in high socioeconomic strata, are more prone to suffer depression.

3. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Writing on a keyboard for a long time can cause CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome ), this is a severe pain in the wrists. If it is not treated or detected early, it can cause permanent damage to nerves and muscles.

4. Watch your eyes. A comparative study carried out by the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) among newspaper workers in charge of publishing news in digital and printed formats found that some of the health damages derived from the intensive use of the computer are visual effects,

5. Posture According to the University of La Rioja, When sitting, the posture generates strength in the vertebrae, ligaments and back musculature. This is the origin of many of the discomforts and pains that are perceived when you spend a lot of time sitting.

In addition to performing physical activity It is recommended that you rest your eyes regularly and that you avoid staying many consecutive hours in front of your desk. Also having a good diet can help you take care of your health. Do not forget!

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