Does spring increase fertility?

Which season of the year is best to get pregnant? Beyond a comforting climate and general well-being, the spring It offers the necessary conditions not only to increase fertility but also to define the gender of the baby.

In a study presented in the World Congress of Fertility and Sterilization of Munich in Germany, The cellular and biochemical parameters of 1,932 patients were observed and measured during summer, autumn, winter and spring.

The research indicates that fertility is favored by the increase in sunlight of the time. This is due to an increase in the substance called 17 beta estradiol. Estradiol is the most important form of estrogen, the quintessential female hormone secreted by the ovaries and placenta that forms during pregnancy to feed the developing zygote.

According to the specialist and leader of the research, Daniela Braga, Fertility is stimulated by the lengthening of the photoperiod, and the increase in day length is associated with changes in the brain that are responsible for the mediation of reproductive activities.

These neurons regulate the secretion of estradiol from the ovaries, which is important for the maturation of ovules and other reproductive processes.

However, the spring not only intervenes in fertility, also in the gender of the baby. This is indicated by a study carried out by the University of Modena in Italy , which concluded that couples are more likely to conceive a child in the fall, quite the opposite if a girl is desired.

This is due to a mechanism of compensation of nature, which offers men a greater chance of surviving a birth in the warmer months.

So, if in your plans you are pregnant take into account that this spring season we are entering may be your best option. Beware!

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