Does obesity raise the risk of ovarian cancer?

Researchers of the Oxford University they reveal that height increases the risk of ovarian cancer, that is, tall women are more prone to suffer from this neoplasm, than those who measure less than 1.65 centimeters.

The study published in the PLoS Medicine journal He details that obesity is another factor that increases the risk of ovarian cancer, but it depends if the person has used a hormone replacement therapy.

To confirm both risk factors, the scientists analyzed data from 47 epidemiological studies conducted in 14 countries, involving 25 thousand women with ovarian cancer and more than 80 thousand who were completely healthy.

In the results, the researchers found that for every five centimeters more height, the risk of ovarian cancer increases by 7%, that is, a woman who measures 1.65 centimeters has a risk of 14% greater than the one that measures 1.55 cm.

According to Dr. Gillian Reeves, of the Cancer Epidemiology Unit , from the University of Oxford, details that the association of height with this type of neoplasm is due to the increase in insulin levels; however, other studies will still be done to find out more causes.


Does obesity raise the risk of ovarian cancer?

The researchers note that women who have never used hormone replacement therapy have an increased risk of ovarian cancer by increasing their Body Mass Index (BMI).

The study specifies that the causes are the levels of estrogen in women, which are related to the amount of fat in the body.

Although the causes of this relationship will still be clarified, specialists recommend a balanced diet and exercise to enjoy good health. And you, do you have a stable weight?

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