Does it sound familiar to you?

A study of University of Basel , in Switzerland, suggests that the lunar cycle and the sleep behaviors of people are closely linked, since the full moon is a cause of insomnia.

The research published in Current Biology details that individuals respond to the geophysical rhythms of the moon, including, "many people complain about sleeping worse on the days of the full moon," say the scientists.

To verify this, the study author Christian Cajochen and their colleagues analyzed sleep patterns of 30 people, that is, their brain patterns, eye movements and hormonal secretions were monitored while they slept.

It is specified that when there was a full moon, the brain activity of areas linked to deep sleep decreased 30%, so that people took five more minutes to sleep.

Therefore, most had the feeling of having slept poorly and recorded lower levels of melatonin, hormone that regulates sleep cycles and wakefulness, according to information published in the portal.


Does it sound familiar to you?

If you suffer from insomnia, not only because of the influence of the full moon, but because of the rhythm of life you currently have, the doctor Reyes Haro Valencia, director of the UNA Sleep Clinic M, it gives you some tips to rest deeply:

In addition, if you complement these sleep hygiene measures with some relaxation technique such as yoga, meditation you will have a better quality of life. And you, do you know another cause of insomnia?