Do you write incoherent text messages?

Mistakes in text messages sometimes make you laugh a lot, but they may not always be fun.
Inconsistent text messages could be a sign that someone has suffered a stroke (CVA), even in people who have no problem with speech.

The case study conducted by a team of Henry Ford Hospital describes a 40-year-old man who was visiting Detroit and at night he started sending incoherent text messages to his wife.

The next day, in the hospital, the man did not have any problem in the traditional assessment of language skills performed in bed and the doctors did not find any visible neurological problems, except for a slight weakness on the right side of his face.

Then, the doctors gave him a smartphone and asked him to write the following text message: "the doctor needs a new Blackberry". Instead, he wrote "Ejl doctor netestta a new bb." When asked if it was correct, the man did not detect any error.

Finally, doctors determined that the man had suffered an ischemic stroke, in which a clot or other obstacle obstructs the flow of blood supply to part of the brain. This type of stroke usually causes some type of physical disability and can be fatal, the study authors said in a news release from the Henry Ford Health System.

The findings suggest that "dystextia" (a term created to refer to incoherent text messages) may be a sign of stroke in patients who show no other symptoms.

"Sending messages is a common form of communication, since more than 75 billion text messages are sent every month," said the specialist. Omran Kaskar, Main author of the study and neurologist.

Since text messages always mark the time they were sent, they can also help determine at least when the stroke symptoms were already present or even when they started.

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