Do you want to pamper your mom with a massage?

As the pace of life becomes more hectic, and stress becomes the worst enemy of our day, it is vital to find a space where we can pamper ourselves with some relaxation technique that helps us to renew ourselves.

The concept of "Mobile Spa" was born thanks to Great Life , company that creates a different experience through a massage in an ergonomic chair, in which it is possible to apply an ancestral relaxation technique called Shiatsu , without the need to take off your clothes or move to a special place.

This relaxation technique consists of the acupressure , where through a stimulation to the different meridians that are in our body is achieved a detoxification and decongesting areas of tension, such as back, neck, and shoulders. The result is a feeling of well-being, energy and vitality.

This type of massage is ideal to pamper the special people around you, as in the case of your mother. So if you want to give him an original gift and for his welfare this May 10 , Great Life has incredible promotions for you that you can meet on their page // Take care!