Do you know toxic people?

Toxic people are those that at first pretend to be your friends and they are apparently harmless. However, they use subtle jokes and ironies to slowly undermine your motivation, try to reduce your esteem and value so that their figures increase.

In accordance with Bernardo Stamateas, psychologist and author of the book "Gente Tóxica" , are those people who think that only they are right and that only they know how things should be done. In addition, they aggravate your mistakes and reduce your achievements to the maximum, or spread rumors to destroy your reputation.

This type of figures pursue an objective: to gain power and control over everything and everyone, according to There is not only a class of toxic people, but they can adopt different types, according to the specialist:

1. Envious
2. Disqualifier
3. Meteculpas
4. Verbal aggression
5. Psychopath
6. Gossip
7. Complainant

Stamateas assures that you can and should avoid that this type of people take the control of our lives. First, identifying them, and second, reinforcing the self esteem and acquiring strategies to avoid falling into their networks.

However, when the situation compromises health or emotional stability, therapists advise to get away from those toxic people to avoid becoming one of them.

Not only is it important to avoid these characters, but also toxic environments and situations, which psychologist Juan Cruz, "Sometimes situations of fear, frustration, anxiety and, ultimately, a picture of stress that intoxicate people on an emotional, biochemical and physical level are generated."

In this regard, the specialist explains that the excess of negative stimuli is modifying the emotional states of people and, therefore, altering their brain biochemistry to produce more adrenaline and cortisol due to stress.

"We can all be poisonous at some point in our lives. The neuroplasticity of the brain allows us to create new neural connections that change the way a person interprets reality. " In this way, the key is to get away from the negative situations , as of the toxic people.

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