Do you know how much sugar the soda that you drink has?

Mexico ranks third in consumption of soft drinks and sweetened beverages worldwide, with around 119 liters per inhabitant, according to a study byEuromonitor International.

These drinks contain up to 25 tablespoons of sugar per 355 ml, the equivalent of half a glass of this sweetener, which makes them unhealthy, that's why the New Zealand photographer,Henry Hargreaves , did an experiment to discover how much sugar has your favorite soda

In his most recent series of photographs called (from) hydrate , [(des) hydrate], Hargreaves demonstrates what happens when the liquid is removed from common sugary drinks.

After listening to a health professional refer to soft drinks as 'the cigarettes of our generation', I decided to do an experiment to show what is in them after the water is boiled, "Hargreaves told the site. Mental Floss .

"Once the drinks were boiled, I took the remaining substance and poured it into a mold, after all, I imagine that this is what you buy: candy with a soda suit."

Hargreaves, as an artist, created a beautiful series of photographs so that you can observe the sugar in all its splendor. Same that we show you in the photo gallery of the upper part.

The "surprising" thing about this experiment was discovering that even drinks marketed as "healthy", such as Vitamin Water , they contained enough sugar to create a palette.

So you decide how much sugar you want to take today. Did you imagine that your favorite soda had so much sugar?

Video Medicine: How Much Sugar Is In Soda? Re-Think Your Drink! – Kaiser Permanente (February 2024).