Do you eat out of boredom?

Food can become one of the greatest pleasures of life, especially when you choose those foods that you like or are considered "prohibited foods", the serious thing is when you start eating for boredom just to give you pleasure.

Eating is more than just feeding yourself physiologically. It must be borne in mind that feeding not only depends on how much hunger we have, but, in turn, on the previous relationship we have with food and the social circumstances in which they are consumed, according to

For its part, the boredom it is a void that causes a lack of meaning in the face of our relationships with the environment and with people, which we usually tend to fill with other substitutes that act as temporary palliatives. The most common of these is food.

Food appears to appease this threat of free time, of emptiness, of nothing to do; that is, from boredom . Thus, eat out of boredom is to give a sense to that free time, but it is dangerous when a vicious circle forms: boredom-anxiety and stress; Eat-guilt-anxiety and stress.

Remember that eating emotionally is the use of food as a way to deal with emotions instead of as a way to calm hunger. Such is the case of boredom .

To prevent future consequences by eating emotionally, in this case by boredom , it is essential to follow some of the following recommendations that will help you identify if you do it:

1. Recognize your eating patterns. Do they match the boredom ? Is there a time in the day when you are always bored?

2. Look if you really are hungry. Ask yourself, on a scale of one to ten, how hungry you are. If the answer is seven or more, you can eat something. Otherwise, hold on until you really want to feed.

3. Avoid having food in your room . Always eat at the dining table. To have snacks They can be a temptation.

Try to make changes to your life habits, get out of the routine and be interested in new activities that always keep you in constant physical and mental movement, in addition to giving you satisfaction and pleasure to realize them. Do not forget that you can always tell someone how you feel, that way you can always face the problems. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

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