Do you eat before or after training?

We are increasingly aware that the relationship between diet Y training is so direct, that it depends on us that we have the result we are looking for, both at a healthy as aesthetic . That's why today I tell you the net on the subject !:


Do you eat before or after training?

Ideally, you should eat both before and after. Before, so you have Energy to perform the exercise . If it is your strong food, make it at least 1 hour before. You can also eat something light like a fruit with nuts or nuts.

There are people who train in fasting , which is favorable because you burn a little more fat, maximum 5% more than when eating something light. This only works when you are used to it because your body is metabolically adapted to burn it. If you start, choose something light before exercise .

If you are looking for an increase in muscle mass, try to eat at the end without allowing 2 hours after training, because in this period your body takes better advantage of nutrients.

And the highlight of today: If you are looking to lose body fat lengthen the period to return to eat something. Wait at least an hour after your training , so that your body continues "burning grease ”.


Is it possible to feel tired and without energy?

Yes. Many times when starting a program of training and not making the appropriate adjustments to your diet you can have that feeling. Since you are you have a greater caloric expenditure daily and your body requires more nutrients.

The fatigue it may be your body's way of "protesting" this new physical activity . Try to eat a piece of fruit at the end of your training. If you do not feel better, go to a nutritionist Specialized in exercise .


Should I consume extra protein to gain muscle?

Essentially yes; since they build muscles, but there must be a previous calculation by a nutritionist or nutritionist.

If you include protein extra because you're thin and with low body fat, the ideal time to consume protein -if you want large muscles - it is at the end of training ; accompanied with some fruit or seeds or that the protein has few carbons.

eye! So you eat all the protein that they sell in the store, your body could not take advantage of it to build muscle mass and it would end up becoming grease !


What to eat more: Protein, fat or carbohydrate

All the nutrients are important. You have to balance them in all your meals, to be healthy. The protein it is fundamental for the maintenance and muscular growth; and of hormonal functions.

The carbohydrates to give Energy and maintain blood glucose levels at optimal levels. And the grease to have reservations of Energy and take advantage of fat-soluble vitamins such as: A, D, E and K.


Carbohydrates: nutrient that more fattening?

A certain type, yes !: Los simple refined : sugars and flours without fiber, such as: white breads, pastries, soft drinks, box cereals, jams and table sugar. Since they provide less or zero nutrient quality and many calories per serving. In addition to that they are available in, everywhere!

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