Do you breathe clean air in your work?

Most young people spend a lot of time in offices, which are kept cool with ventilation systems, but how healthy is it to breathe the air in an enclosed space?

According to an investigation of Jessica Green, professor at the University of Oregon, United States, Humans spend more than 90% of their lives in closed places where they breathe and coexist with billions of bacteria and germs that harm their health.

In the investigation, the specialist reveals that these microorganisms spread through artificial ventilation systems, which more than helping people harm their health by reproducing bacteria that cause infections, that is, those that are at risk of being pathogenic.

For its part, the National Institute for Safety and Hygiene at Work in Spain, notes that an insufficient supply of fresh air favors the development of these microorganisms that penetrate the body of workers through inhalation.

The specialists assure that the germs that remain in the offices or closed places can generate infections in the respiratory tract, irritation in the eyes, dermatological problems like eruptions.

Some of the symptoms that people have when they remain in a closed place for a long time are headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, dry skin, nasal congestion, sneezing and coughing.

Therefore, the ideal is to open the windows of the place to get fresh air and promote the proper circulation of germs. Also, try to go for a walk for five minutes so that your body is oxygenated and releases the toxins that you have been inhaling during your stay in a closed place. And you, do you have an artificial or natural ventilation system?

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