Do oestrogens cause wide hips?

Beyond our desires, aesthetic procedures and beauty treatments, hormones are the only ones that, in the end, determine the characteristics of our body. Example, estrogen, which determines the distribution of fat, giving the woman his representative silhouette: wide breasts and hips.

These hormones, in addition to causing the accumulation of fat in specific areas of the body, may also be causing it to increase and be difficult to eliminate, as it is in the case of the hips and thighs.

A study conducted by the University of New South Galeras of Australia, notes that this is because estrogen attenuates the body's ability to burn calories after eating, which becomes stored fat.

Women have between 6% and 11% more body fat than men. The specialist, Anthony O Sullivan , leader of the research, points out that this is due to a biological fact that is part of the life of most women: having children.

From birth, the female body prepares for that moment, this through the widening of hips and storage of energy reserves.

The research, published by the magazine Obesity reviews , suggests that estrogens interfere with the fatty acid oxidation that takes place in the liver after food. This explains why women have more fat than men, which ingest, in many cases, higher calories.

However, estrogen is not the cause of obesity, it simply makes the energy storage system more efficient.

An option to keep your body in good condition and its weight is through a balanced diet, in addition to adding to your habits an exercise routine.

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