Do not remove makeup, better exfoliate your skin

Are you tired of creams and make-up remover products? Well, change your routine. Somehow you must clean your skin, and although you can not do it every day. Here we leave you 11 natural and very effective ways to exfoliate your face

Just take into account that Dr. Ricardo Ruiz director of the International Dermatology Clinic recommended in your Blog that before choosing any type of treatment you should consider your skin type to individualize the care and obtain the desired results.

After the warning, now yes ... we share some mixtures that you can try so that from time to time you leave aside the make-up removers:

Banana scrub

This fruit will not only help to eliminate dead cells with their small seeds, also their natural properties can help reduce wrinkles and fight skin infections. It also has moisturizing and emollient effects.

Sugar and olive oil

The mixture of these ingredients helps to moisturize your skin and to remove all the impurities that you do not need in a soft way so that it looks renewed. Just be careful with the eye area.

Coffee for everything

The properties of this ingredient are many, but in this case they give skin firmness and vitality. The recipe is easy to add ground coffee beans to a cleansing cream. Moisten your face and apply with circular movements.

Mix milk and oats

No, this is not dinner, but we assure you will nourish your skin. Mix 2 tablespoons of milk powder with a little ground oats and cornstarch until a paste forms, apply to your face with gentle movements and you'll have a more balanced skin with less fat.

Granule scrub

A study published by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology found that the oats had substances called avenanthramides that block inflammatory compounds and antihistamines, helping to soothe the itchy skin. That's why it's perfect for exfoliating, Imagine mixed with more healthy ingredients. Just combine the granola with a little hot water. Moisten your face and apply.

Linseed and honey scrub

To have a complexion free of imperfections and wrinkles, take care of it withlinseed , this seed will help you nourish it, clarify it, hydrate it and fill it with antioxidants. Mix 1 cup of honey with 1/2 glass of warm water. Add 25 grams of flaxseed and stir, apply and let it act for three minutes.

Only brown sugar

Mix a little brown sugar with your favorite cleansing cream. Do not forget to moisten your face and say goodbye to everything you did not need. Bacteria, dead cells, etc.

Whey and salt

The salt helps us clean and mixed with whey it will bethe perfect exfoliant to help you reduce the open pores. This recipe is not good for sensitive skin, take it into account.

Sugar and lemon to exfoliate the skin

Blessed are the citrus fruits, because their vitamin C is perfect to illuminate your face. Just mix two teaspoons of sugar and add the juice of half a lemon.

Carrot Exfoliating

You will get a face with more vitality if you crush a carrot, to the extent that you almost have a paste with it, then combine it with a little moisturizer and then apply it on your face.

With chocolate flavor

Cocoa helps moisturize and soften the skin. Make your exfoliant with a few spoonfuls of cocoa powder or ground cocoa, mix it with oatmeal and some honey. Your face will be smooth and beautiful.

Put hands to work, and run to find your kitchen the ingredients so that today you purify the skin of your face with a new method.

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