Do not miss it!

What do you eat before you train? Some people do not pay much attention to this aspect so they eat the first thing they see, but others do. So what should you eat to perform more and burn fat?

First of all the carbohydrates they are the gasoline of our body, they give us the Energy necessary to perform all the tasks of our day to day, even when we are in a passive state.


Do not miss it!

The protein It also plays a fundamental role, since it is responsible for generating and nourishing our muscles, but above all, protecting them from wear and damage they can have.

Now, what should I eat after doing exercise To lose weight? Depending on the type of training you will have to consume more or less carbohydrates and proteins, but you should never miss in the post workout.

Why carbohydrate ? Because it helps us to stop muscle catabolism, that is, that your own muscle is consumed for lack of nutrients and energy.

Why protein? To repair muscle fibers that break when performing physical activity, since every time we train, those microfibers are broken due to the effort.


This you need!

1. If your training is low, pure cardio

Ideally, take a protein (20 grams approx) with a low glycemic index carbohydrate. An example can be a protein shake with apple, or even with kiwi or pear, a little vegetable milk would not hurt.

2. If your training is medium. Cardio and low intensity weights

The ideal is the same grammage of proteins (20 gr) and a carbohydrate of medium glycemic index. How would you like a peanut butter sandwich? Ideal post work out medium.

3. If you train hard, crossfit or you love running long distances

Your carbohydrate should be fast absorbing and high glycemic index, banana smoothie with protein and almond cream? Your body will say yes please!

Remember that these basic recommendations will help you a lot to improve your performance when you exercise, but above all to not get tired and to continue giving when you practice a sport.

It is important that you go with your Health Coach to design a specialized and personalized plan if you are looking for a better performance in a sport.