Do not lose that hope ...

Infidelity is a practice that is increasing; An example of this is that 15% of women and 25% of men have ever had a relationship with people who are not their partner, says a study by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In this context, would it be possible to trust in love again?


For him psychologist Silvan Tomkins, of the University of Pricenton , the trust of divided into two groups: humanists and normative. In the former, people who believe in the honesty of people are more positive in their lives and express their emotions more freely. In the second they see their peers as danger, so they tend to be always alert. "


Do not lose that hope ...

Here we give you some tips to return to trust in love. Try it!

1. Start with you For the psychologist Adriana Reyes , to deposit your trust again, you must first trust yourself. You must feel that you want everything to go well and that you work for it.

2. What do you need? Analyze what you want, learn to listen and respect your wishes.

3. Step by step. Once you have regained your self-esteem, you can begin to look around you. If there is someone that interests you, as a friend or as a couple, try to let go of your fears, and dare to jump into the unknown.

4. Assume your past. Of agreement with Christine Webber, psychotherapist, before beginning another relationship you must accept what has happened. Remember that it takes time to recover; You should not feel bad if you have not overcome it after a few months.

5. Break your own stereotypes. Analyze how were your previous partners, how they behaved in meetings or before a problem, if they had tensions with you or do not care about you.

6. Ask for advice from someone you trust. When you are in love with someone, your judgment may be cloudy, which leads you to make mistakes. Ask a friend or relative, they know you perfectly and can advise you from the trust and the love that you have.

7. Observe the people around you. See how that future partner treats the people around him, how he changes in public and in private. Evaluate the terrain with caution.


You need a more flexible view of couples, not just the one based on eternal love, "he says. Catherine Hakim, writer and sociologist.

Try to overcome your fears, remember the past will not return if you decide.

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