Do not isolate yourself!

The involuntary loss of urine It should be considered as a natural issue, something more "open". Normally, few are those who dare to externalize it, even with their relatives, either because of shame or because they feel that they have lost their feminine identity, but, what repercussions does the incontinence in the women?

In this regard, the medicalAna Laura Morales, psychoanalytic psychotherapist , details that in women who present incontinence , fears and insecurities arise that affect their quality of life.

However, misinformation is the biggest barrier to enjoy a healthy and happy emotional life, mentions also the professor of the Ibeoamerican University.

41% of women between 30 and 60 years old have incontinence, either temporary or permanent.

Video Medicine: ISOLATING WHEN DEPRESSED (feat. Counselor Douglas Bloch) (December 2022).