Do not do it after training

Just as you prepare your body before performing exercise , how to heat or avoid a certain type of foods , the habits after training they are important to achieve results and maintain good state of Health .

After all training It is important that the body he recover in a proper way, therefore, we list5 things you should not do after exercising .


The time of Recovery muscular They depend on age, sex, diet , amount of sleep, training experience and type of exercise . Inadequate recovery decreases the performance and increases vulnerability to injuries, says a study approved by the Federal University of Juiz de Fora of Minas Gerais in Brazil .


Do not do it after training

1. Stay without food. The recommendation is that you do not wait more than 30 minutes without consuming proteins , carbohydrates or liquids. During this time your body will have generated cortisol that detonates the accumulate grease Y muscular atrophy .


During this time, your body replenishes glycogen of yours muscles , which helps this grow up and recover of training, confirms the Australian Sports Institute .

2. Eat chocolate. One mistake is to eat chocolate after a exercise intense, because its grease causes your digestion be more slow , and which can cause problems like constipation , Explain Brenda Solís, medical surgeon at the ISSSTE General Hospital .

3. Drink energy drinks. It should be noted that it is not the same to consume energy drinks what sports . The difference is that the former are not recommended to increase sports performance because they do not hydrate .

The energy drinks they contain caffeine, ginseng, taurine , among other stimulants that high doses cause nervousness , anxiety And till Heart problems .


Sergio Olvera Alba, director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health of Sonora , warns that energy drinks they promise a dose extra of Energy but they can have fatal consequences in the organism; when it is abused it can cause a overdose .

4. Unveil It is essential to have a good rest at night, between seven and eight hours, this helps recover the Energy spent in the exercise . In addition, it favors the production of hormone of the increase which allows the repair of muscles .


Dan Benardot, researcher at the Georgia State University , The United States, considers that when there is not enough sleep, the reservations of Energy Y nutrients I dont know recover , the muscle pains and the fatigue extreme are accentuated.

5. Bathe immediately. After exercise , the body reaches a temperature of 38 to 39.5 ° C. When exposed to a cold environment abruptly, there is a decompensation that can cause circulatory problems and of blood pressure , it states Johan Salas, sports director at the Medical Association in San José Costa Rica .

Therefore it is advisable to wait 15 to 20 minutes before bathing, this time is enough for the body to return to its normal temperature. A warm or hot water bath is preferable for relax the muscles .

Remember that each body reacts differently to the various stimuli it receives after doing exercise . Therefore, it is advisable to consult a health expert, who will adequately inform you of the ideal care according to the capabilities and limits of your organism


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