Do not be surprised by emergencies!

The goal of makeup is to counter favorably the defects of our face; refine features, intensify the look and give light and volume to essential areas such as eyes and lips. However, there are occasions, either at a party or through crying, that this work fades and it is necessary to resort to a basic for every woman: emergency makeup

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Do not be surprised by emergencies!

The emergency makeup is made up of five key elements, which, in addition to making you look beautiful should not take up too much space in your bag. Check them out!

1. Ear correcter

2. Compact dust

3. Eyelash Mask

4. Blush

5. Moisturizing lip gloss

6. Wet wipes

7. Eyelash curler


Always beautiful on every occasion

According to image consultants, Diana Brandt and Analisa Maculan, With these products it is possible to have a fresh and bright emergency makeup. To achieve this, the following steps are presented:

1. Corrects dark circles and some imperfections of the skin with the concealer of dark circles that should be the same color as your skin.

2. Place the compact powder to fix the concealer and finish matching the tones of your skin.

3. Accentuate your look by placing mascara.

4. Color your cheeks with blush. To give a touch of color and highlight the light on your face, you can use blushes called "tonalizadores" or one that in its color contains a bit of these three colors: brown, orange, pink.

5. Finally put shine on your lips.

Remember that in beauty the most important thing is how you feel. A high self-esteem is the essential element to look beautiful.