Do not be afraid to be a beginner!

Plants and animals produce substances that can be toxic to humans, even deadly, as is the case with bacteria. This is indicated by the University of Maryland. However, the origin of these substances is not only natural: they are in the insecticides, fertilizer and herbicides used in food.

For this reason GetQoralHealth create the Detox program in 7 days. With which you can purify different organs of your body: liver, kidneys and intestines. This will allow you to feel more energized, your skin will look more hydrated and the internal functioning of your body will improve 100%.


Do not be afraid to be a beginner!

The ideal is to detoxify your body twice a year, but first you must know how to start doing it, so we give you the following tips, with information from the center nutrition expert Les Gemeaux, Estefanía Sierra.

1. Start your day with a simple glass of water. This way, you improve your intestinal transit and support the purifying function of the liver. In addition, it is important that during the day, you take around 2 liters of water low in mineralization.

2. Control hunger with fennel. These seeds are full of antioxidants. When you chew them, they release beneficial oils that improve your digestion and balance sugar levels.

3. Say no to stimulants. Stay away from the juices that come prepared and the drinks with gas. Since they swell the stomach and hinder the purification. If your body is cleansed, it will yield more in the day, and there will be no need to consume caffeine.

4. Make purple your favorite color . You can find this color in sardines, herrings and anchovies, and in vegetables such as purple onions, purple cabbage, kidney beans, purple grapes and beets. They have anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants.

5. Beware of salt. One teaspoon a day is more than enough, because the salt hinders the purification and favors the retention of liquid. That's why we feel bloated, especially in the legs.

Remember that your health is in your hands. Do not forget! Discover the Detox program in 7 days and eliminate what you do not need and that prevents you from achieving your goals. What are you waiting for?

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