Do nail lamps cause cancer?

Figures of the World Health Organization They point out that skin cancer is one of the most frequent worldwide, with two million cases per year, two thousand of them in Mexico. Many accuse that this is due to the exposure of artificial ultraviolet rays, but, the UV lamps for nails may have something to do?

In a study conducted by specialists from the Massachusetts General Assembly of the Boston Hospital and the Brown University , demonstrated that it is unlikely that UV nail lamps can cause any skin damage or skin cancer.

The discussion about the risks that exist in developing skin cancer when using UV lamps for nail treatment, it arose in 2009, after an investigation carried out by the specialist MacFarlane . In it, a relationship was found between the exposure of ultraviolet light from nail lamps and the appearance of carcinomas in the hands.

However, this situation is denied by the specialists Alina Markova Y Martin Weinstock . In an analysis carried out on several UV lamps, in different circumstances, it was found that the impact they generate is really weak.

The study showed that it would take 250 years of manicure a week to get ultraviolet light from these machines to generate a risk and, therefore, some kind of skin cancer .

US Industry Statistics mention that clients of an aesthetic usually receive the services of the UV lamp for nails 1 to 4 times per month, during a period of 6-10 minutes.

In Mexico there are no figures that guide us to know how many times this type of lamp is used, since many aesthetics in the country are informal. This is where there may be a latent risk to health, because there are no rules that regulate the conditions of these beauty areas and their equipment.

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