Do it always!

To have a clean, healthy and beautiful complexion you do not need to buy ultra-sophisticated or very expensive creams. The important thing is to follow some tips for a radiant and healthy face.

At any time of the year, but especially in this holiday season such as weddings and graduations, there are recommendations of what you should and should not do with facial skin. In GetQoralHealth , we give you 5 tips for a radiant face.


Do it always!

1. Nutritious cream. Each skin is different and resists climatic changes differently, so you should never overlook using a nourishing cream at night especially for your skin type. It is also advisable to apply an invigorating serum if you notice your dermis off.

2. Clean the skin Since the skin acts as a makeup canvas, it is important to keep it healthy and clean. Hence the importance of applying facial masks according to each skin type.

3. Basic humidification If you have an event in the afternoon, you should clean the skin of the face and neck in the morning with a dermo-cleansing product; later, apply a balancing lotion and a moisturizing cream.

This cleansing and moisturizing treatment should be done as indicated and repeated when it is very hot, two or three hours before putting on makeup.

4. Goodbye hair . Wax eyebrows and mustache one or two days before the event.

5. Deep cleaning . You must do it three weeks of the event. This way your skin will recover from the redness and possible inflammation and you will look better on the day of the event.



  1. Leave home without a lip balm. In both hot and cold weather, the lips suffer a lot so it is important to exfoliate them once a week and moisturize them in the morning (before putting on makeup) and at night.
  2. Pinch, exfoliate and / or do deep cleaning in your home and with products that may be sensitive to your skin. Especially, avoid doing this a week before any social event you have.

  3. Wax your eyebrows, face and / or mustache and immediately apply makeup. In addition to the reddening of the skin, professional products do not get fixed as they should. By the way, avoid laser shaving before going on vacation; Do it, at least, four weeks before. If you're freshly shaved, avoid self tanners and sun exposure.
  4. Apply "homemade formulas" to tan the body (coconut oil with iodine, for example) as they can cause irreversible damage because they have no level of protection. In this sense, it is highly recommended to review the sun protection after swimming and throughout our exhibition.

  5. Bleach hair under the sun with lemon, beer or hydrogen peroxide. The hair is mistreated and the degree of discoloration is not uniform.

Now, you know what to do to keep the skin of your face and the rest of the body healthy. Remember to maintain a positive attitude to always look attractive and radiant.