Do emotions influence your cravings?

An investigation directed by the doctor Lukas Van Oudenhoven of the University of Leuven in Belgium affirms that there is a very close link between the emotions and the cravings that we have every day

In the study, magnetic resonance imaging was used to trace the areas of the brain that lit up when 12 healthy, non-obese individuals experienced sadness, Then he administered an infusion of fatty acid through a tube of feeding , since many of the foods that comfort us contain fatty acids .

Participants did not know which substance they were given but said they felt less sad after to consume them.

On the other hand, the surgeon and pioneer in Mexico of Unani medicine, David Duarte , points out that there are 5 flavor groups that are linked with your excite s. Know them!

1. Acid . It is the propitious food to speed up the mind. It is likely that you crave a moment of distraction as it plays an important role in the ability to organize thoughts; it works like a solvent fats Y proteins what lightens you apart from helping youslim down

2. Spicy The craving for spice comes when we feel slow or lethargic. The emotions that are generated immediately are the excitement and joy . If you need a shot of energy you can consume your favorite snack with spicy. It also helps you to decongest the lungs , improve the digestion and expels gas from the intestines.

3. Sweet. If you suffer from anxiety or aggressiveness , consuming a bit of candy can calm you down and give you a sense of pleasure. Sweet foods also moisten dry conditions of lungs and keep the mind active. Although, it is advisable not to exceed.

4. Bitter. It is perhaps the most flavor healing and at the same time the least appreciated. But if you are trying to lose weight, the bitter taste can be your ally, because clean your arteries and favors the functioning of your heart . The predominant emotion of the bitter taste is dissatisfaction, which causes a desire for change.

5. Salty . Salt improves concentration, has a refreshing effect, detoxifies and can purge. Those who benefit the most from food are people who experience nervousness, but if you are overweight or have high blood pressure, salt is not good for you.

Both the doctor David Duarte and several endocrinologists, cardiologists and dentists, warn that the abuse of sugars Y you go out It can harm your Health . Obey your emotions and fulfill your whims without guilt but do not overdo it!

Video Medicine: Food and Cravings = EMOTIONS! (March 2021).