Distracted people are smarter

Do you forget things? Do not remember where you leave your personal items, dates and important appointments? Congratulations! Being distracted makes you more intelligent.

Researchers ofl University College London reveal in a study that people distracted They have more neurons, in the area of ​​the brain that is used to concentrate and pay attention.

There are several reasons why a person can be distracted, such as stress , depression lack of vitamins, minerals or hydration; side effects of medications, and some mental ailments; therefore it is important to know the reason for this type of behavior.

Since the brain structure can not be changed, nor is there a treatment to be more attentive to work, we give you some keys to concentrate and avoid distractions be so frequent, according to enplenitud.com:

1. List everything that should be done in the day and always carry the list with one.

2. Make the same list and place it in a visible place; for example, stuck in a visible place; In this way it will not be so easy to forget what must be done.

3. Carry out one thing at a time. It is quite frequent that when a person is responsible for doing many things together, half of them are badly made or forgotten. The multiple tasks are not ideal to concentrate well. One thing must be done at a time and until it is over, do not start with another.

4. If the distractions are very frequent, when you have to do a very important activity or you should go to a site without fail, it is convenient to ask someone else to remind us.

5. An exercise to concentrate in a better way is to mentally describe what you do, no matter what kind of activity it is. This helps to relax, be aware of what is done, and learn to focus on the present, without wandering.

In addition to taking this type of measures to concentrate better, it is important to have a diet and habits that favor the functions of the nervous system Y memory , this will help your brain and mind to focus and ignore the distractions .

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