Disposable diaper for adult and his requirements

When we decided to use pdisposable yarns For adults, either because a person has serious incontinence problems (inability to control their urine or bowel movements), or must remain in bed or wheelchair indefinitely, it is necessary to find the best absorbent diaper on the market that does not have to be the most expensive, but the one that meets a series of indispensable requirements.


Essential requirements of a good diaper for an adult

A study by the national consumer protection laboratory of the PROFECO (Federal Consumer Protection Agency) conducted in 2004, recommended that when purchasing a diaper, it is necessary to review the waist measurement data and verify that it corresponds to the one required for that the diaper fits well. In addition, you must check the label to know the properties of the diaper, for example, if you haveanti-sinking barriers , if it is pre-folded diapers (consisting of an absorbent board with adhesive strips that are used as a diaper or bed protector), if they are of the "Gard" type, they are narrow and are fastened with reusable elastic bands, or they are short-sleeved . When choosing a diaper with adhesive tapes, one must be careful to take them by the tab in order not to affect the functionality of the adhesive.

There are 5 conditions that must be taken into account:

  1. Absorption time . Before the discharge of urine, the diaper must absorb quickly so that no run-off occurs. Some brands have very variable absorption times, which means that the quality of the product is not controlled properly
  2. Absorption capacity . It refers to the amount of urine that a diaper can absorb without draining. The absorption capacity was considered low in diapers that absorbed less than 500 ml, medium in the case of those that absorbed between 500 and 800 ml, and high for those that absorbed more than 800 ml.
  3. Ability to keep the surface dry . It refers to comfort. The smaller the amount of urine that returns to the inner surface of the diaper, the user will feel drier.
  4. Resistance of materials . That is, the resistance of the materials to withstand the stretching forces to which the diaper will be subjected during use.
  5. Adhesiveness . It refers to the adhesion strength of the diaper tapes.

It must be taken into account that disposable diapers for seniors decrease self-esteem who has to use them Therefore, it is essential to have, as far as possible, with the authorization of the carrier, and as long as the habits and routines of the rest of the family are modified. Experts say that the best products of this type are those that agglutinate liquids , that is to say, those that make it gelatin, since in this way it is possible to keep perfectly dry the pelvic area and especially the genitals.

It is convenient to change the disposable product at reasonable intervals, as this prevents damage to the skin.

The portal yinyangperu.com shows a graphic to help the caregiver in the placement of the diaper in adults.

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