Discover your goals!

People must understand the true meaning of the Guadalupe-Reyes marathon, which is to enjoy the festivities with the company of our loved ones, although it is allowed to eat a little more than usual, it is recommended to do so in moderation.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, Nayibe Abraham Rosales, nutritionist bariatrician , details that only four or five days are inside this marathon, which are meant to eat (Christmas, New Year, inn and Kings Day), so the next day of these festivities, we have to recover our food routine, in order to avoid the overweight .

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The specialist explains that by respecting our diet and only exceed a little on these dates, the increase in weight It is minimal, that is why you have to avoid excessive intake of food during the Guadalupe Reyes marathon.


Discover your goals!

For its part, the Bariatric psychologist Yunuhen Juárez Rosas explains that it is very important to set goals, that is, to identify what my purposes really are. What do I want to enjoy? Do I really want to go down? weight ?


"When the brain makes the goal statement, for example, to lose weight, and brings a claim before, for example: I'm going to lose weight next year, because the end I had a very bad time."


"If my intention is to make this weight loss work for next year, it is important that my brain understands that I have already started doing something, like eating food in moderation."

The psychologist details that it hurts emotionally that the clothes do not fit you, that they are uncomfortable all the time. That is why you must identify the meaning of the Guadalupe-Reyes marathon, if it is to eat the world or enjoy the dates with your loved ones.

The big goal in December is to take care of the weight to avoid obesity , as well as looking for multidisciplinary teams such as the Orbera system, which includes a nutritionist, psychologist and doctors, to lose weight, concludes the specialist. And to you, what interests you about the Guadalupe Reyes marathon?

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